Words of a special man

             "My trade is to say what I think"

                                                                          "The best way to be a bore is to wanna say it all"

" I have never made but one wish to God: O, lord, make my enemies look ridiculous. My wish came true."                 

"It is forbidden to kill, therefore all murderers are punished. Except for the murderes who kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets". 

                             "A witty saying proves nothing. Judge a man by his questions, not answers."

            "It is dangerous being right when the government is all wrong."

                        "Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embrodiered by imagination"

                            Alla citat av Voltaire, författare, filosof, älskare och en mycket vis människa och stor tänkare. 

         Un Philosoph (Fr.), A Philosopher (Eng.), En Filosof (Sv.) - A person who engages his life for the love of wisdom.



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